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Rituals That Will Enhance Your Self-Care (Part 2)

By Orfelina Cisneros Earlier this week I shared how you can use affirmations and practicing gratitude as part of your self-care routine . There is no doubt that the past year has been challenging to handle for many of us educators; we feel isolated and lonely and limited on the things we can do. Despite […]

Meeting the Needs of Your Special Populations

By Jessica Bloom Wishing you a happy Educator Appreciation Week! Below is a PD on Demand where I’ll walk you through resources I use to support our amazing teachers in differentiating instruction for students with disabilities and multilingual learners. You can download the PD on Demand resources here as you follow along with the 4-minute […]

Using Virtual Morning Meeting to Support SEL

By Anna Reeve It’s Educator Appreciation Week and educators truly deserve appreciation right now. The 2020-2021 school year has turned out to be a school year unlike any other for students across the country. In New York City, we’ve seen schools open, close, open again, not open and stay remote – our school communities are […]

Prioritizing Student Voice

By Erin Rougeux Happy Educator Appreciation Week! As I reflect on what gets me through the long hours and hard work, I can think of one thing that stands above all others. Our students are the reason we show up, in person or virtually, to work each day, so it is their voices we should […]

Rituals That Will Enhance Your Self-Care (Part 1)

By Orfelina Cisneros Happy Educator Appreciation Week! A quick riddle for you: If you have three, you have three. If you have two, you have two. If you have one, you have none. What am I? The answer is choice! The more aware we are of the choices we have in practicing self-care, the more […]

NEW PODCAST! An Education Expert’s View on Supporting Students with Incarcerated Loved Ones

Hear from experienced teacher-leader, Vivett Dukes, in this week’s podcast as she shares important insights into creating supportive environments for students with incarcerated loved ones. Vivett, who is also the Founder of SpeakYaTruth.org, was one of the Collaborative’s webinar speakers this past Spring, where she elaborated on this very topic and discussed ways that educators […]

New Podcast Episode: Paul Gorski on Disrupting Deficit Ideologies

For the entire month of July, the Collaborative is highlighting the experts we partnered with this past spring. In this week’s podcast episode, we bring you Paul Gorski, founder of EdChange.org, who discusses how we must recognize and disrupt deficit ideologies if we ever hope to achieve educational equity. Enjoy! https://www.buzzsprout.com/883453/episodes/4462190 Inspired by the voices […]

New Podcast! Thinking Outside the Box for Students with Disabilities and Their Families

Learn about some of the challenges and wins experienced by students with disabilities and their families, including multilingual families, during remote learning. Diana Biagioli, Family Educator at IncludeNYC, discusses this and more in the Collaborative’s latest podcast. If you know a family that needs additional support, please share IncludeNYC’s helpline number: 212-677-4660 for English / […]

NEW PODCAST: Perseverance, Community, Differentiation, and Grace in the Face of a Pandemic

Tune in to our latest podcast episode, featuring Tanicqua Pryor-Davis, Special Populations Coordinator at Explore/Excel Schools. Tanicqua shares her experiences working with students and staff, community engagement, DEI, differentiation and more, during the pandemic. For more information about the family she mentions in the episode, and how to support them, please see their social media […]

Jamila Lysicott Discusses Critical Hope in the Context of Crisis

Assistant Professor of Social Justice Education at UMass Amherst and author of Black Appetite. White Food.: Issues of Race, Voice, and Justice Within and Beyond the Classroom, Jamila Lyiscott, recently spoke at the Collaborative for Inclusive Education’s Annual Conference. In her timely keynote address, Jamila discussed the rich possibilities for reimagining and nourishing the future […]