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Finally getting serious about educating kids with dyslexia

Apple’s Steve Jobs had it. So did Nelson Rockefeller, and so do Bill Gates, Anderson Cooper, Ameer Baraka, Steven Spielberg and many more leaders, scholars, authors, actors, scientists, lawyers and financiers. Each of these famous, highly successful people has dyslexia, a condition in the brain that makes it difficult for some children and adults to […]

What journalists can do better to cover the disability beat

WE’VE ALL READ headlines like this before: “This Student With Cerebral Palsy Went To Prom With Her Best Friend And It Was Magical.” For decades, the media has tended to portray people with disabilities (or those around them) as inspirations or heroes—a genre of reporting known as “inspiration porn.” There are countless stories about waiters […]

App Bridges Gap Between Police, Those With Special Needs

ST. PAUL, Minn. — A new smartphone application will give St. Paul police officers information about vulnerable people during a crisis to improve their interactions with those with disabilities or mental illness. The department announced this week that it has become the first in the state to use Vitals, an app designed to supply first responders […]