New Podcast Episode: Paul Gorski on Disrupting Deficit Ideologies

For the entire month of July, the Collaborative is highlighting the experts we partnered with this past spring. In this week’s podcast episode, we bring you Paul Gorski, founder of, who discusses how we must recognize and disrupt deficit ideologies if we ever hope to achieve educational equity. Enjoy!

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New Podcast! Thinking Outside the Box for Students with Disabilities and Their Families

Learn about some of the challenges and wins experienced by students with disabilities and their families, including multilingual families, during remote learning. Diana Biagioli, Family Educator at IncludeNYC, discusses this and more in the Collaborative’s latest podcast.

If you know a family that needs additional support, please share IncludeNYC’s helpline number: 212-677-4660 for English / 212-677-4668 para español. Additional resources can be found here.

NEW PODCAST: Perseverance, Community, Differentiation, and Grace in the Face of a Pandemic

Tune in to our latest podcast episode, featuring Tanicqua Pryor-Davis, Special Populations Coordinator at Explore/Excel Schools. Tanicqua shares her experiences working with students and staff, community engagement, DEI, differentiation and more, during the pandemic. For more information about the family she mentions in the episode, and how to support them, please see their social media post and GoFundMe page.

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Jamila Lysicott Discusses Critical Hope in the Context of Crisis

Assistant Professor of Social Justice Education at UMass Amherst and author of Black Appetite. White Food.: Issues of Race, Voice, and Justice Within and Beyond the Classroom, Jamila Lyiscott, recently spoke at the Collaborative for Inclusive Education’s Annual Conference.

In her timely keynote address, Jamila discussed the rich possibilities for reimagining and nourishing the future of equitable education, especially for students of color, so that we can develop critical, tangible hope to support the building of essential new futures.

Watch this clip from her keynote address about the importance of acknowledging and assessing our students’ experiences when discussing equity and race with them.

Jamila Lysicott Discusses Critical Hope in the Context of Crisis.

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New Podcast: A School Social Worker’s Perspective on Remote Student Supports

We are excited to welcome Kelsey Reeder to this week’s Collaborative for Inclusive Education podcast! In addition to being a social worker, Kelsey is the moderator for the Collaborative’s online community of practice for counselors and social workers. In this episode, Kelsey shares her perspective on family partnership and trauma-informed practice during a global pandemic.

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New Podcast Episode on Supporting ELLs Through Online Instruction

In this podcast episode, the Collaborative welcomes Frederic Lim, the ELL Coordinator at St. Hope Academy Charter School. We chat about his approach to co-planning for ELLs during remote learning, including how to ensure rigor and engagement. If you like what you hear, make sure to check out his webinar on co-planning during remote learning, as well as his blog.

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New Podcast Episode on Remote Learning for Students with Disabilities

In our newest podcast episode, we speak with Kristen Ahangari, the Special Education Department Chair at Renaissance Innovation. We discuss lessons learned and pivots that her school has made during the transition to remote learning. Check out Kristen’s E-Learning Guide and compilation of Zoom tips to support students with disabilities.

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New Podcast Episode on Data-Driven Instruction

Looking for practical ways to make data-driven instruction a reality? In our 4th podcast episode, the Collaborative was thrilled to be joined by Allison Dodson-Bonaminio, a 17-year veteran charter teacher. Listen to the episode here!

Remote Learning Resources During COVID-19

The current public health situation has raised many questions about best instructional practices for remote learning. Although we do not have state or citywide guidelines for what distance learning should look like, especially with respect to students with IEPs, we have created a webpage with resources that schools and educators might find helpful.

Our COVID-19 Resource Center provides up-to-date communications and important documents, including educational resources and information related to multilingual learners/English language learners and students with disabilities, that may be beneficial to schools in order to best serve students.

Even those schools with extensive plans remind us that those plans are merely a starting point. They all intend to monitor every aspect of their distance learning programs looking for ways to make them more robust, more engaging, more readily accessible to all families, and more community-oriented. We are continuously updating these resources and are committed to keeping our school partners informed about the latest innovations for remote learning.

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New Podcast Episode with Inclusion U Founder Christi Kasa!

In this episode, we speak to Christi Kasa, Department chair for the Department of Special Education at the University of Colorado and founder of Inclusion U. If you’re looking for ideas on how to create inclusive environments for students with disabilities, it’s a must-hear. Enjoy!