Charter Voices


    “What drew me to The Renaissance Charter School was its spirit of collaboration. My classroom is home to general education students and students with disabilities, including students from District 75, thanks to our unique partnership with the district. The Renaissance Charter School is committed to an inclusive model that is deepened by the communication and collaboration of teachers working together to best support all students.”

    – Lisa Marchello, 4th grade teacher at The Renaissance Charter School in Jackson Heights, Queens

    “All the English I know today, I learned here at MESA Charter High School. It’s so hard to adjust to a new country, a new culture, a new language – it took me a couple years to catch up to my peers. But I’m grateful for MESA and my teachers for putting in extra office hours to better explain things to me. They take their time; they created a program just for me!

    My parents fought for me to have the best education, and I’m definitely in the right place. Not only am I progressing academically, but I’m learning new skills for my future and more about myself. MESA has taught me that if you want to learn and you work hard, you can do whatever you want. Who I am right now is because of MESA.”

    – Lisa, Junior at MESA Charter High School
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