Middle School ICT Teacher

Website New York City Charter School of the Arts

Create, Learn, and Thrive

To collaborate with math and science teachers to modify curriculum, provide intervention, and monitor progress for students with IEPs and those at risk of falling behind.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

Develop engaging, inclusive curriculum plans:

  • Collaborate on pacing calendar and lesson plans with appropriate differentiation and scaffolding to ensure all
    students have access to the material;
  • Ensure learning objectives and instructional pacing meet the needs of students with IEPs;
  • Integrate visual and performing arts into lessons and units of study when possible;
  • Participate in collaborative curriculum development to integrate the arts and interdisciplinary learning across grade levels. Collaborate with colleagues to infuse artistic practice and the creative process into the planning and executing of each lesson with special attention to the needs of students with learning differences.

Manage student learning:

  • Design and implement formative assessments that measure progress towards academic standards;
  • Monitor student progress toward individual and collective learning goals;
  • Analyze formative, summative, and interim assessment data to adjust lessons, inform small group instruction, and refer students for more intensive intervention, special learning services or evaluation for an IEP;
  • Provide written and in-person data on student performance as requested by the SST;
  • Assist students in creation and updating of exemplary work in Digital Portfolios.
  • Strengthen instruction
  • Meet regularly with your Instructional Leader to improve pedagogical practice;
  • Furnish unit and lesson plans for special needs students in your classes on time to your Instructional leader;
  • Participate in professional learning sessions.

Guide student behavior and classroom community:

  • Co-plan, manage, and maintain a positive culture and climate, leveraging relationships to promote positive academic experiences and mindful, effective communication;
  • Create a safe environment for social/emotional learning;
  • With support from Thrive team, deliver a socioemotional curriculum to a group of ‘advisees’ regularly;
  • Document all interventions, infractions and any parental communication in appropriate system

Other professional duties:

  • Be present and engaged Monday through Friday; clock into and out of work daily
  • Participate in shared administrative tasks, such as monitoring halls during transition, supporting deans during student lunch regularly, and hosting after school study hall;
  • Chaperone field trips;
  • Attend at least two evening events (showcases, family nights, performances) per semester;
  • Respond to all parent communications within two work days;
  • Participate in formal parent conferences two or three times per year;
  • Fulfill other responsibilities in collaboration with the Executive Director, Instructional Leader, and / or grade-level team.

To apply for this job email your details to elisa@cityschoolofthearts.org