June 2018

The Intersection of Equity and Inclusion: Cultivating a Community of Change Agents (Members Only)

The Collaborative’s Annual Education Conference convenes educators from across NYC to engage with and learn from national experts. This year, we’ll explore the intersection of equity and inclusion and how to create change within your sphere of influence.

In addition to ongoing professional development throughout the school year, the Collaborative hosts larger-scale conferences and mini-conferences in order to convene public educators from across the county. Led by nationally-renowned experts, educators participate in discussions and trainings where they are encouraged to challenge mindsets, expand skillsets, and collaborate with one another – as well as reflect on issues affecting education nationwide.

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May 2018

Improving School/Staff Scheduling and the Use of Student & Teacher Time

DMGroup will provide a professional development course covering key insights, including: optimizing master building schedules to facilitate teaching and learning best practices; and, scheduling special education staff teachers, related service providers, interventions and other services (Tier 2 interventionists, RTI teachers, Social Workers).

May 2018

Decentering Whiteness in Teaching & Learning

This session will allow for an experiential space where participants can interrogate the dominant standard for communication, self-expression, and behavior that by its nature “others” people of color. We will explore the implications of this narrative in the workplace, including the experienced impact of stereotyping on staff and students.

May 2018

How Does Who I Am Impact How I Teach?

As part of our Equity Series in partnership with NYU’s Metropolitan Center, come explore the impact of race, power, and privilege on teaching and learning. Participants will engage in personal reflection on their own racial, ethnic, and cultural lens and analyze its impact on relationships and interactions with others.