Three Things You Need to Know about MLL/ELL Testing Accommodations

With Regents and state exams on the horizon, this is the time of year that we encourage schools to make sure that they have all their testing accommodations “ducks” in a row. Here are three things you need to know about MLL/ELL testing accommodations:

  1. All MLLs/ELLs, regardless of proficiency level, are entitled to testing accommodations on state exams, including extended time, separate location, bilingual glossaries, and translations of content area exams
  2. Former MLLs/ELLs within two years of exiting status are also entitled to the above testing accommodations
  3. Unlike students with IEPs or 504s, MLLs/ELLs do not need a separate document to receive the above testing accommodations

Interested in finding out more? Download our MLL/ELL testing accommodations planning document and tune into our MLL/ELL Testing Accommodations webinar.