Introducing Season Two of Our Podcast, EdVenture!

New school year, new season of our podcast! In this season of EdVenture, our Collaborative leader and podcast host Melissa Katz will be chatting with experts about the post-COVID special populations landscape and implications for the classroom.

Episode 1 – Navigating New Horizons with Ellie Grose
Meet the Collaborative’s newest Inclusive Education Specialist, Ellie Grose! In this episode, you’ll learn about Ellie’s 20-year journey from special educator to administrator and her insights into post-pandemic education trends. Listen now and download the transcript.

Episode 2 – Championing Inclusive Education with Stacy Marshall
In this discussion with Stacy Marshall, INCLUDEnyc’s director of Parent and Family Engagement, we explore the pivotal role of collaborative efforts between schools and families in shaping IEPs and driving inclusive education forward. Stacy also shares key learnings about the role empathy plays in these essential partnerships. Listen now and download the transcript.

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